TECH Water Filter ™

TECH Water Filter ™ is a pressure filter, is able to filter more than 5 bar water pressure. TECH Water Filter ™ has the shape of a tube (vessel), made of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel Fiber Glass in fact, filled with a substance screening. This substance will filtrating unbenefit dirt and minerals contained in the water.TECH Water Filter ™ dealt simple operation, because it is equipped with the usual common valve, which can function both for manual or automatic operation, backwash and washing.The filtration process with water to the distributor at the top of the filter, then it is a substance that flows down through filtering, so that the dirt remains at the top of the filtering substance. As an output, clean water will drain out through the exit pipe to distribute as needed.Backwash means to clean the dirt filtering substance fixed shape, to rewind the flow of water, so that the sewage flows through the exhaust pipe.Washing means for washing the filter residue at the bottom of the filter, a by-product backwash.

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